A deer stalker’s dream

During spring, the Hungarian plains are one of the most exhilarating and exciting places to observe one of nature’s phenomena. Seeing thousands of roebucks in all their majesty being dominant and aggressive to other bucks, to make themselves more appealing to does. Their discreet bark at dawn and dusk, evokes excitement and emotion in every deer stalker.

I travelled to Hungary with my Leica Geovid HD-B 3000 binoculars, which I had just acquired a few weeks earlier. I had transferred the exact ballistic data of my .308win 165grain ammunition to the SD card which I then installed in the binoculars.

During the first day in Hungary, we travelled to the local shooting range and I zeroed my rifle. Later I tested the ballistic data calculation to my Visus riflescope at 100, 200 and 300 meters respectively. All shots were placed consistently on target at the different distances

After driving to the hunting lodge late in the afternoon, we immediately headed out to the hunting area. As we travelled to the plains we observed numerous animals straight away. As soon as we started stalking, we spotted various examples of different head typology on the bucks which were standing proud and displaying their territory. Stalking on flat areas is somewhat difficult, making an approach more challenging. Most of the stalking is done whilst creeping in low vegetation in order to get closer to the animals.

An old buck was observed, which the guide decided could be taken. We approached to a distance of 157 meters, as measured by the binoculars together with a temperature of 9 degrees, the atmospheric pressure and the linear angle. The binoculars calculated that a correction of 4 clicks was required which I altered whilst keeping as low as possible to the ground. I had the utmost confidence relying on my Geovid calculation. The roebuck was heading back to the adjacent woodland. My guide said that ideally we must take the shot before it got dark. As we had our film crew with us, the situation was more tense.

I steadied my breathing, exhaled and took the shot. Instantly the guide said „Well done, perfect shot!“, as the bullet found the target resulting in a successful beautiful Hungarian roebuck being taken.

I had relied completely on being able to just touch a button to calculate the angle, temperature and distance precisely so I could make the necessary corrections and the Leica Geovid did not let me down.

Lucas Micallef

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